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I was nominated for this award around August 19th. Blame school,ha! My cousin, Arts and Youth Love, nominated me! Smile Thanks cuz. Well anyway, here are the rules.


1. Link back the blogger that tagged you

2.  Nominate ten others and answer the questions of the one who tagged you

3. Ask ten questions for the bloggers you nominate

4. Let your nominees know of their award/  Sorry, not doing this one coughihavenofollowersforrealcough…REBEL….


1.  When it comes to music artists, what do you enjoy more, live performances or music videos?
-I enjoy both. Although I partake in watching music videos more, some artists sound horrible live. Sorry (not sorry).

2. What’s the first book that became your favorite?
-The only one can I think of would be either Captain Underpants or A Wolf at the Door: And Other Retold Fairy Tales.

3.  If you could meet any author or musician, who would it be?
-I would like to meet Edgar Allan Poe. Yes, I would become a time traveler. I  would like to meet Alyson Noel as well. 
For musicians, I would like to meet Jeremih,Nero, SKisM,Skrillex, and Excision. Probably Borgore too.
Yes those are dubstep, DNB, etc. artists [except Jeremih]

4. What’s your favorite entertainment medium (i,e, books, music, movies, etc.)?
-All of those listed actually. I really like music though, I probably couldn’t live without it. As for books, I love embarking into another world as
I read about the characters and their struggles. For movies, I really  enjoy the action and the romance or whatever. All of those entertain me so much.

5.  Would you eat cotton candy doughnuts?
– Hmmm….I guess so

6.  How was your summer reading?
-It was okay. I didn’t read my book assigned to me. Thanks SparkNotes and that other site.
I still passed the tests though Smile.

7.  If you could take a class on anything, what would it be?
-Learning about Japanese customs, beliefs,language, mythology—you name it.

8.  What’s your personal song of the summer?
-I don’t have one. But I guess I could say ‘Why I love you[dubstep]’ By DJ Arson.
Since I’ve become addicted to it. That or ‘Drop Dead [Club mix] by Skrillex.’

9.  What are you looking forward to this fall?
-KORRA. Woot! It was amazing yes!

10. Who is your most relatable fictional character?
-This is pretty tough considering I read manga with those generic ‘happy, go-lucky’ characters.
Hmm I guess I relate to Tomoko Kuroki…she differs from my choices, but I can totally relate with her problems!

Tomoko Kuroki

Since I don’t have many followers, I’ll just skip the other parts. Sorry for any inconveniences. V_V

Well peace and ninjas! Gracie is out! NinjaPeace

Song for this post:

This song is so chill

Another post! [Mostly about K-Project]

Two posts in one night! Well…er..morning…it’s 2:48 a.m. where I am and I’m most likely gonna watch K-Project.

K-Project is this new anime I’m getting into, and I must say it’s BAD.ASS. I can tell it has great potential even by the first two episodes (Yeah I’m on ep.3…

Here are the characters:

I like the majority of the characters featured on this list. Since I’ve only watched two episodes, I can’t get in depth with it, and I can’t really put that much input.

I know they have like “clans” and the clans are called a color of some sort. Such as:

The Red Clan

The Blue Clan

Silver Clan

-There’s also some “colorless clan”

And there’s some leader or something and has the title of “King.”

Two people I seem to like the most:

Kuroh ProposalKuroh

Kuroh is referred to as the “Black Dog” and is incredibly strong (and badass with that sword of his). He is a very serious person and seems to be cold-hearted, but can be kind. He looks girly a little lol.

Yata mugshotYata

He is a member of HOMRA-The Red Clan and has a very loud personality and he cusses a lot (boy do I love a good foul-mouthed,rude anime character XD). He has a skateboard and he uses a bat to beat the heck out of people with.

Well! I know this post was well…lame…but I had to blog about this anime! It’s that good. This anime sort of puzzles me…I see a bit of shonen-ai floating around (like when Shiro blushes when Kuroh was holding him to save him from Yata’s wrath). BUT, it’s still a great show, and I’ll get to finishing it soon..aslongastheshonenaiovertonesdon’tkillmefirst.

Peace and Ninjas!NinjaPeace

I like this song~ The original was good as well..Weird..I don’t really enjoy punk goes pop, but this is good 🙂

Here’s a link for more in depth answers, because I sure as hell can’t give any(this is where I got most of my facts)

I used the majority of the pictures from Google and the K-Project wiki page. (also from this link, since the photo didn’t want to show up-

Seriously though, the freakin’ shounen-ai OVERtones is all over this anime, goodness gracious if it keeps on, I might just drop it lol.

Daisy Award!


Well, I just got nominated by my awesometastic cousin,Arts and Youth love, on here for the Daisy Award! –Hurray. I am ecstatic.- *Sasuke’s abridged voice- (Click this to understand what I’m talking about!) This is my first time to be nominated for basically ANYTHING online XD But here are the rules:

-Thank the person who nominated you

-Tell your readers 7 unusual things about yourself

-Nominate some worthy bloggers

Okay so really, I already said “7 unusual things” about myself on here(actually it was way more than 7 XD)…but I can find seven more! (Since I’m such a complex, but simple person to know) Winking smile

Seven Unusual Things About Me:

1. I read my manga out loud in some weird anime voice XD I switch my voice up to whoever is talking, and I base my voice off of the way the character acts…coughI’msuchanerdcough

2. As the pervert I am, I don’t like making lemon stories that much

3. I can’t stand when people ignore me, but I love ignoring people

4. I also dislike hipsters, but I call myself the, “Hipster Otaku”

5. I love talking to myself more than I do actual people..I’m the only one who gets me. –Emo Voice- XD

6. I tend to fall for fictional characters more than I do real ones…coughschediophilecough

7. I love romance stories, but I don’t act all ‘lovey-dovey’ with the people I go out with. Uh…use past tense in that XD


People I’m Nominating:



(I would have nominated more, but Firefox is being a total bitch today, sorry Crying face)

See ya! ALL OF THE HOMO my friends! Remember, it’s Sasuke’s brother’s fault! (click above link to understand again XD) Winking smile

Peace and Ninjas xx PeaceNinja


Song of today!

Special Video:


SennaSenna ❤

Random weird facts about me!

Like I said, these are some random facts about me! XD None are going to be personal (I’m a very secretive person =w= ) Well Imma start now! Open-mouthed smile


-I laugh just like my Sim sometimes

-I get really attached to things, not people

-I hate compliments and insults e_e, but I like certain compliments

-Whenever I see the color purple on ANYTHING, even a tiny speck, I go FANGIRL MODE.

-I get easily excited over every little thing that makes me happy XD

-I dance reaaalllllly wild and (awesome) when I’m shopping XD

-I get hyper easily too

-I hate ketchup/mustard e_e ewwwughh

-I obsess over anime/manga characters waaay quicker than I do real guys (maybe becauseMOST real guys are douche dicks <—XD that word makes me laugh)

-I’m a proud Otaku of 11 years ^_^

-I make reaaaaaaaally weird noises when I’m hyper

-I sing horribly, but I love doing it O_O



-I’m really smart, but I cant stand school, ha and I’m the main one in the group who knows the biggest words XD

-I use ‘XD’ and ‘lol’ A LOT

-Nobody gets me V_V <- EMOOOOOOOO XD

-I CANT SLEEP at all without a fan on, no seriously.  EVEN IN THE WINTER TIME I have the fan on, if I had an air conditioner in my room, that would’ve been right dead on.  I HATE HEAT.  I’m very hot-natured ^_^

-I also use ^_^ a lot too Smile with tongue out

And Smile with tongue out as well

-I hate cleaning my room

-I hate posers, jealous-types, haters, and FAKES!

-Whenever I type a story, I HAVE TO HAVE MUSIC PLAYING!!

-I hate when people misspell common words (although I do)

Bitches love Grimmjow Grimmjow. Is. Awesome.

-I also can’t stand people who gripe and complain all. The. Time.  It irks me to no end e_e

-I love when people say they miss me

– I freakin’ love dubstep

-I hate when spell check says I spelled a word wrong, and it’s my name! e__e (Yes, Yes I know it’s not in the dictionary, but still, I’m pretty sure I spelt my name right SPELL CHECK!)

-I hate hipsters! Although I call myself the hipster of anime/manga, since I like the ones people never heard of XD

– I also like the bad guys in cartoons too (if they look cool or act cool ^_^)

-I also love when people comment, talk, like, etc. anything I do or post Smile

-Hmmm I might have some more, and if I do, I’ll upload it as part two! Stay swaggerific,

Peace and ninjas xx, PeaceNinja



Swaaagg! Destroy them with lazerzz Yezzer! 🙂




A rant, random, How mangas saved my life and various others <3


dubstep4lifesm (Apparently Hit me hard, hit me fast was a song I shouldn’t have listened to after this LOL) Smile

Today’s topic. Cars.  Why cars you ask? Because on February 1, 2012, I was hit by one.  Yeah that’s right.  I didn’t even know I was hit actually.  Some lady in a silver van looking car, rolled down her window and told me.   It was all rushing to my head, people screaming, totally am one after this accident) ❤

“Ah you have to go to the hospital!” But I refused.  Not without my mom or some close relative with me.   So, it all started with me leaving school as normal, me going the route like always (it’s two ways to go when crossing the street).   I noticed some guy walking about a couple inches away from me, so I decided to go when he did.   He went and some blue car slowed down for him.  Ahh he slowed down, maybe he’ll notice me like all the cars do too.  I thought to myself, jamming to Skrillex (Bangarang, this song is voltage).   And did next thing I know, I was on the ground rolling.  I got hit.   My headband flew off and my mp3 player scattered across the dark black pavement.   I didn’t know this until the guy that ran before me handed it to me.*nn5umAG50hIQoOG6ht8hrVuJ-9*CF18JcHjVBSMAWvQC**BqDnLP4/haters.jpg

“Here you go.” He said.   I managed to say, “Thank you.” and look around.  Firemen popped out and started asking me series of questions (The Fire place is like right beside the school, and police too of course).  This was totally stressing me out.  Only thing on my mind was; What the fuck? I got hit by a car? Huh I WANNA GO HOME AND READ DENGEKI DAISY.  –laughs- of course the only thing on my mind would be mangas.   But  they saved my life. Literally. And God.  I had my Charles Henderson High School bag wrapped around my body, and in it was two Shonen Jump manga magazines and the 44th volume of, Naruto Shippuden.   And some clothes and other things, but those were probably hit in the process.   I’m guessing that’s why I didn’t feel any pain AT ALL when I was hit (but boy did I afterwards…. Crying face) My lower back hurts like hell and my neck was jerked I’m guessing.  But the strange thing is, I DON’T REMEMBER BEING HIT, My memory was a huge ass blur when I went to the hospital (nothing broken don’t worry) When I was first hit, all I worried about was my MP3 Player. Oh my God, where is it? Oh no. Oh no! I said. (But as said earlier, some guy handed it to me, it was a nice gesture though) .  All I remember is the car being blue and me running.   So the Second of this month, I got texts from my closest friends; Ashley and Amber.   They were really worried about me.   And I love them very much about that.   But my friend Amber, texted me saying folks were laughing and shit.  I was pissed. How would getting hit by a damn moving vehicle be funny? Fucking spazzes.  I should get a car and run them over (better be glad I’m a Christian….)  Many people told they were (laughing that is) .  So I decided to go off on the people who said anything rude today.  They didn’t.  Not really.  Yeah some giggled like retards.  But apparently, they don’t know I’m God’s Chosen.   At least I feel that way.  I feel like I’m closer to him than anybody in this world.  I’ve escaped death numerous times.  And it was thanks to all the angels God sent my way.   The ones who call me their BFFS and SOME of my loving family members.  My cousins were worried too.  Qt and Tanya (she has a blog on here as well <3) and Terisa, and various other people.  I even made a new friend and lost two other ones.  Why? THEY DIDN’T EVEN CHECK TO SEE IF I WAS OKAY! So fuck them.  Just fuck them with something hard and sandpapery (lol search Kelly like Shoes).   Dubstep, some good ole manga and Lil Wayne/Drake/Khalifa/LMFAO/etc. soothed my hurt, angry soul and made me back to where I was.  And the boy who hit me, claimed I dent his car.  Well maybe if your dumb ass gets something called eyesight  maybe I wouldn’t be in this predicament!!! Fucking

ugh! (PLEASE EXCUSE MY LANGUAGE PEOPLE, I’M VENTING AND THIS IS THE ONLY WAY HOW!!) Smile I’m doing really well though.  I was checked out of school and I ate at Mr. Ho’s.  Ahh Asian cuisine will DEFINETLY make me better! I love Asians and their culture ❤ Well.   I know now there are some cruel ass motherfuckers in this world and I have heard them laugh, but hey? What can I say, I’m GODS CHOSEN! Smile Always going to be haters who will try to hurt you.  But overcome those obstacles and live your life, that’s one of the best ways to get revenge.  The other way is to not let them cheat in class either!! Lol!! But my nice days are OVER. Im tired of this.  And so many rumors were spread, saying my head was blooding and shit.  Oh whatever, I don’t always walk in front cars. Well I do.  But parked ones! My friends were so pissed! But it felt really  good to see who cares and don’t.  GOD, I THANK YOU FOR GIVING THIS STRENGTH AND POWER TO LIVE YET ANOTHER DAY! AMEN. I LOVE YOU.  And I love you all who were worried.  You have made a special way into my heart today.  I love you.  Like I really do.  Now keep up with my love because, I’m out. PEACE AND NINJAS, NinjaPeace

Gracelyn xx Smile

Song of today:

Those people who laughed need to do this. SERIOUSLY.

Whoo-hoo there my baby, Wiz! Saying something real as hell: