Another post! [Mostly about K-Project]

Two posts in one night! Well…er..morning…it’s 2:48 a.m. where I am and I’m most likely gonna watch K-Project.

K-Project is this new anime I’m getting into, and I must say it’s BAD.ASS. I can tell it has great potential even by the first two episodes (Yeah I’m on ep.3…

Here are the characters:

I like the majority of the characters featured on this list. Since I’ve only watched two episodes, I can’t get in depth with it, and I can’t really put that much input.

I know they have like “clans” and the clans are called a color of some sort. Such as:

The Red Clan

The Blue Clan

Silver Clan

-There’s also some “colorless clan”

And there’s some leader or something and has the title of “King.”

Two people I seem to like the most:

Kuroh ProposalKuroh

Kuroh is referred to as the “Black Dog” and is incredibly strong (and badass with that sword of his). He is a very serious person and seems to be cold-hearted, but can be kind. He looks girly a little lol.

Yata mugshotYata

He is a member of HOMRA-The Red Clan and has a very loud personality and he cusses a lot (boy do I love a good foul-mouthed,rude anime character XD). He has a skateboard and he uses a bat to beat the heck out of people with.

Well! I know this post was well…lame…but I had to blog about this anime! It’s that good. This anime sort of puzzles me…I see a bit of shonen-ai floating around (like when Shiro blushes when Kuroh was holding him to save him from Yata’s wrath). BUT, it’s still a great show, and I’ll get to finishing it soon..aslongastheshonenaiovertonesdon’tkillmefirst.

Peace and Ninjas!NinjaPeace

I like this song~ The original was good as well..Weird..I don’t really enjoy punk goes pop, but this is good 🙂

Here’s a link for more in depth answers, because I sure as hell can’t give any(this is where I got most of my facts)

I used the majority of the pictures from Google and the K-Project wiki page. (also from this link, since the photo didn’t want to show up-

Seriously though, the freakin’ shounen-ai OVERtones is all over this anime, goodness gracious if it keeps on, I might just drop it lol.