Major update!

 So I’ve been gone for a while! Of course like I always say, “No one reads this anyway!”  But for those who do read (I suppose) I’ll list what I’ve been doing over the “hiatus.”

-Surfing the web

-Traveling (as usual)

RirukaRiruka Dokugamine from Bleach!

-School (might I add I was exempt from all my exams ❤ well except one because my teacher didn’t do exemptions ugh) (I’m also finally a SENIOR! HELL YEAH!!!)

-Playing video games (I finally got past that stage in the Deadpool game)

Levi and Hange_hachiLevi and Hange from Attack on Titan!

-Writing in my stories

Hours and hours of sleep!

-Watching Young Justice!! ❤ ❤ ❤ [and anime and other junk]



I’ve also finally gotten into ATTACK ON TITAN!! I watch it every Saturday on Toonami. I love the anime now. I should have watched it when it first became an anime, but eh, I’m glad I waited.

Alrighty then! I suppose since I REALLY needed to make some sort of blog, I’ll end this right here. I might start back blogging but who knows? Well Peace and ninjas! NinjaPeace

I’ve been jamming to this all this week!

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