2013, Updates, and zomg!

ZOMG! It’s been how long now? I’ve mostly been into an anime called ZETMAN and I finished it yesterday. Let’s just say my favorite character was killed! (fuck off KOUGA! I like you but FUCK OFF haha!)And I’ve been in school which is equally as hectic and mind boggling as losing your favorite character! Well school is much more aggro, but still you get my gist though! Smile 


ZETMANHANAKOThe girl is Hanako of course ❤

HANAKO AND JIN I ship Hanako with Jin so hard!

Any who, 2013 was a pretty okay year for me. School wasn’t all that bad and I finally got to talk to my other OTAKU friend! Smile So all in all, I rate 2013 with a 7. As stated before, It wasn’t too bad and it wasn’t too good really. But something AMAZING HAPPENED in 2013! I received DEADPOOL THE GAME and SAINTS ROW 4 all from my brother! I was so happy! I am actually on the last mission in SR4! Woo-hoo,I get to KILL Zinyak bitch ass. I also discovered my homeboy Matt Miller, is a fellow fan fiction-er! He is a cyber punk from Saints Row [AND HIS VA IS YURI LOWENTHAL!)Click the link to find out more about his nerdy, British, cyber punk ass! GO THIRD STREET! GO THIRD STREET GO! And I’m wearing purple! The Saints color ^_^. I always enjoyed Matt’s gang, The Deckers, only when they weren’t trying to kill my character! Their clothes and music tastes (which is electro) really peaked my interest! But still TEAMSAINTS! CoughandDECKERScough.


Matt Miller and Deckers]Matt Millerdeckers Matt and that Decker specialist and Deckers logo.


also seemed to have missed my Blogversary! Which was either October 8th or 9th. One of those! So I shall be posting two songs of the post today!  Ah well, I’ll keep this short! I’m off to read some juicy fan-fiction of JIN AND HANAKO while jamming to some Afrojack and eating some chips alongside apple juice! (Nerdy-Grunge-Gamer-type-snack,yes!) But anyway, peace and ninjas everyone!Peace Ninja Happy New Year!


Miku looks badass as a soldier  from Attack on Titan.


I really fell in love with this song! Thanks SR4! v_v


Amazing! ^_^


Deadpool, the merc with a mouth!


P.s- I think I went a little crazy with the pics! Oh well! It’s New Years! Smile