School, Religion, and others

Well when August 19th gets here, I will going to school as a 11th grader Smile.  I really like learning, but I can’t enjoy it to its full extent when people I don’t like are buzzing around me like annoying flies =_=. So really this could be another hiatus of mine (I already have enough of those as it is).


As people know, I’m a Christian/Baptist. I believe in God and have come across a lot of people [mostly online] who claim it’s pointless. Well I’m like this, I WILL NOT shove my religion down your throat. To me, it’s stupid to try and convert someone who’s too pig-headed to listen. Just let them be. It’s their life. I don’t have any right to sit there and say, “IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, YOU’RE GOING TO HELL.” No. That makes us look like how the stereotype depicts. Some of us Christians are very well mannered people, while some of us are very..AGGRESSIVE. The same can go for other religions, some people online are so fucking rude it’s not funny. It’s mostly because they can easily hide behind a computer screen and only punch the spacebar. Of course, I’m VERY open-minded and I have friends and family members who claim to be atheists. I have no problem with that. Just don’t try and bash my religion because you find yours “superior” or whatever. No religion is superior. No one is more superior than another. We are all the same in this world, we just have different beliefs/feelings/thoughts/etc.. It just irks me to no end to see people bash other religions (and really anything else in general). So what I’m saying is, respect me and I’ll definitely respect you. Christian, Atheist, Satanist, person who believes in a purple alien named “Zwork”, whatever—just be nice to me and I’ll be nice to you. It’s a simple equation people find hard to solve.


So yeah, that’s my opinion.


So! As said earlier, I do enjoy learning! I just love RESEARCH too and learning about the world. School is a place of Education. Not a place of acting a fool, clowning, doing drugs, bullying, being a down right asshole. Whatever. I’ll keep my wits up and my profound ignoring ability until 12th grade and possibly college. Oh! I noticed on my transcript that I had an A average for ALL of my years (so far) in high school in English.  My best subject, clearly. I had like A’s and B’s in History, my second best subject. A lot of people could get the grades I do if they would just; listen, learn, and shut the fuck up and stop being a glorified douche-dick. It’s not hard once you try.


Also, I’ve recently fallen in love with a beverage called TEA.  Yes, tea. It’s a wonderful tasting drink and I love putting two lemon slices in my cup on top of some ice. Ahh, refreshing! I like it unsweetened too. Which is weird, considering the fact I love sweets! I guess my tastes for bitter things is coming pretty fast (that’s what she said…haha). Since I didn’t really care for tea when I was younger. I never hated it, I was just indifferent (but not now)!



So this is it! I might make another post (later on in the school year most likely) and like I always say, No one reads this anyway! So peace and ninjas! NinjaPeace


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