Another post! [Mostly about K-Project]

Two posts in one night! Well…er..morning…it’s 2:48 a.m. where I am and I’m most likely gonna watch K-Project.

K-Project is this new anime I’m getting into, and I must say it’s BAD.ASS. I can tell it has great potential even by the first two episodes (Yeah I’m on ep.3…

Here are the characters:

I like the majority of the characters featured on this list. Since I’ve only watched two episodes, I can’t get in depth with it, and I can’t really put that much input.

I know they have like “clans” and the clans are called a color of some sort. Such as:

The Red Clan

The Blue Clan

Silver Clan

-There’s also some “colorless clan”

And there’s some leader or something and has the title of “King.”

Two people I seem to like the most:

Kuroh ProposalKuroh

Kuroh is referred to as the “Black Dog” and is incredibly strong (and badass with that sword of his). He is a very serious person and seems to be cold-hearted, but can be kind. He looks girly a little lol.

Yata mugshotYata

He is a member of HOMRA-The Red Clan and has a very loud personality and he cusses a lot (boy do I love a good foul-mouthed,rude anime character XD). He has a skateboard and he uses a bat to beat the heck out of people with.

Well! I know this post was well…lame…but I had to blog about this anime! It’s that good. This anime sort of puzzles me…I see a bit of shonen-ai floating around (like when Shiro blushes when Kuroh was holding him to save him from Yata’s wrath). BUT, it’s still a great show, and I’ll get to finishing it soon..aslongastheshonenaiovertonesdon’tkillmefirst.

Peace and Ninjas!NinjaPeace

I like this song~ The original was good as well..Weird..I don’t really enjoy punk goes pop, but this is good 🙂

Here’s a link for more in depth answers, because I sure as hell can’t give any(this is where I got most of my facts)

I used the majority of the pictures from Google and the K-Project wiki page. (also from this link, since the photo didn’t want to show up-

Seriously though, the freakin’ shounen-ai OVERtones is all over this anime, goodness gracious if it keeps on, I might just drop it lol.

“Life” Update [My computer is a tsundere]


Warning: Foul Language present!


Well hello fellow bloggers! I’ve been on another hiatus! [Well actually I haven’t been blogging in a while because well…I’m trying to enjoy my summer XD] Plus, like I always say, no one reads this anyway!

So! This is what I’ve been doing lately:

-Skype’ing with my buddy Smile

-Writing a story

Had an epic ass dream




-Watching some strange, funny, and DAFUQ videos on YouTube

-Watching anime/reading manga



As of August 19,2013- I WILL BE A JUNIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL! Open-mouthed smile -happy- Only one more year of this stupid shit and then I’ll be free!


Any who, my computer is a MAJOR TSUNDERE.


One day (or week, or month,etc.etc.) it’s like “I AM NOT DOING SHIT FOR YOU.”

Other times it’s all like “Oh hi! I’ll hurry right away and get this started for you! B-but it’s not like I want to!”

Damned Tsundere computers….


Well this is a update (clearly stated) and they will be short (no telling when I might actually have a true blog post XD) Smile So here’s a link to a video:


Peace and ninjas NinjaPeace



This makes me happy. Seeing my two loves crossed together. ANIME AND RAP ❤