Daisy Award!


Well, I just got nominated by my awesometastic cousin,Arts and Youth love, on here for the Daisy Award! –Hurray. I am ecstatic.- *Sasuke’s abridged voice- (Click this to understand what I’m talking about!) This is my first time to be nominated for basically ANYTHING online XD But here are the rules:

-Thank the person who nominated you

-Tell your readers 7 unusual things about yourself

-Nominate some worthy bloggers

Okay so really, I already said “7 unusual things” about myself on here(actually it was way more than 7 XD)…but I can find seven more! (Since I’m such a complex, but simple person to know) Winking smile

Seven Unusual Things About Me:

1. I read my manga out loud in some weird anime voice XD I switch my voice up to whoever is talking, and I base my voice off of the way the character acts…coughI’msuchanerdcough

2. As the pervert I am, I don’t like making lemon stories that much

3. I can’t stand when people ignore me, but I love ignoring people

4. I also dislike hipsters, but I call myself the, “Hipster Otaku”

5. I love talking to myself more than I do actual people..I’m the only one who gets me. –Emo Voice- XD

6. I tend to fall for fictional characters more than I do real ones…coughschediophilecough

7. I love romance stories, but I don’t act all ‘lovey-dovey’ with the people I go out with. Uh…use past tense in that XD


People I’m Nominating:



(I would have nominated more, but Firefox is being a total bitch today, sorry Crying face)

See ya! ALL OF THE HOMO my friends! Remember, it’s Sasuke’s brother’s fault! (click above link to understand again XD) Winking smile

Peace and Ninjas xx PeaceNinja


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