Why I’m so NERDY :D

Well, people probably think, “This girl is trying to follow a trend and be a nerd because everyone else is doing it.” Uh, no.  Lol, I have my own mind and I believe I’m a nerd in every way.  Well…..let me hush and go on to why, I’m a “nerd.”

Let’s START!…………..

For one, I read a lot of stories and create my own! I have my own nerdy laugh that goes like, “Heheheheheh….[pause]hahahhuha!” It’s more ghetto-ish mixed with nerd though…ah, you have to hear it. I might post myself saying it one day! And of course, I read my MANGA.  Can’t live with out it! I also watch anime, which comes after (well before) reading manga.  I consider my self an OTAKU for 12 years! (Since I was 3…oh yes)….I also need glasses. I believe my once-great eyes (Which are still pretty good if you ask me) have been damaged by the brightness of my pc! Damn it! Ah well, I never could see well I think…..On to computers! Man, I could go on talking about those things.  I might not know everything about them, but I will sooner or later! Ask anyone who knows me, I’m either doing one of these things (if not all or multi-tasking):


-Reading a manga

-Playing my video game

-Eating (mainly candy or something)

-Listening to music

-Watching TV


-Watching anime

-etc Smile

I am NOT A WEEABO! I DON’T LIKE THAT.  Ah….I also tend to start talking about the anime characters as if they’re real too XD…..and I ALSO FANGIRL OVER EVERY LITTLE THING MY FAVE CHARACTER DOES.  Ask my brother, he is the one who almost always see/hears my squeals.  And my mother too, my dad’s like “Meh.” lol….I fangirl over every damn thing! Man, it’s not funny! Like for instance, this game called: Blazblue, I fangirl over the two brothers: Jin Kisaragi and Ragna the Bloodedge.  In which, I am very good with those two as well! I also like the girl characters too; like, Tsubaki Yayoi or Rachel Alucard, who is a vampire.  I like all of the people on there; except for Hazama/Terumi [at times] and hmm…That Arakune thing…Oh well enough of that!


I also tend to get very, very…very angry about my “fandom” over certain things too. Like my couple or favorite character, if you bash them, YOUR FACE WILL BE BASHED TOO! Muahaha…..

Some people have called me nerdy, but I’m a geek too.  I love romance stories and shojo mangas, but I love Shonen too, the girls mostly are bad-ass….SOMETIMES……I’d like to call myself a “Neek” or a “Gerd” But Neek sounded like something an weird alien would say and Gerd sounds like a weird exotic animal.  Ah well, I’ll just say hmmm. NERDY GEEK! BAM! Open-mouthed smile  NERDY GEEKY, WIN. <—Voice of the narrator for Blazblue! I might be a noob (basically) to the game, but I really love it.  AH, see how I sidetracked I GET?! I also like cartoons too! And stuff like Ben 10 and Generator Rex…NERD MODEEE…..I also rage a lot on online games XD and I know a lot about the 1337 14N4UG3! Although being L337 doesn’t make you L337 Winking smile………..

Hmm, I believe I shall be taking this to a close! Well, stay thirsty my friends,

Peace and Ninjas xx PeaceNinja

-Gracie Open-mouthed smile



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Note: these are MY definitions of being a nerd…welll MY VERS. of a nerd…so if you don’t agree, kiss my ass! XD




GRACIE’S BACK BITCHES (in the voice of Steve Blum in Toonami ^_^)

Alright! I’ve been offline for a while (you see, I was wrapped into this fanfic, which is GOOD). And ugh, school is starting, I’ll be in 10th grade Smile.  I really don’t want to go back to school, but only two more years of this shit! Whoo-hoo! Ah, I might add like a few more blog posts I’ve been working on.  It’s 2:47 am here in Alabamerr…er uh…Happy Gracie Ninja Land…..and I’m typing in a fanfiction as we speak, actually. I’m glad for the person who thought of writing fanfics though….Hmmm, I don’t know what to say. Ah! I’ve been reading a book called Fairest, I would go into detail, but I could go on for days! Anyways, I’ve created my own story based off of it too! Well, I should prepare for MAYBE two more blog posts, I should discard the one about the LOK season finale though….Ah…oh well! Stay Swaggerific!

Peace and Ninjas, xx PeaceNinja



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I love dubstep, rap, and KORRA. SO TALK ABOUT FANGIRL MODE!