Dead or Alive 4, My opinion!

Well yesterday on April 28, 2012 I finally beat a game that I was totally a novice in (three times actually).   The game was called,

Dead or Alive 4.” Dead or Alive 4 is a fighting game by Team Ninja, the makers behind Ninja Gaiden.   Ryu Hayabusa (the actual ninja from Ninja Gaiden) is featured on here.  And I might I add his ending was the BEST one so far.  

This is Ryu:


There are 22 playable characters (although I haven’t unlocked them all :sweatdrop: ) and I can name my favorites:




-Sorta like Hayate


-Lei Fang


imageLei Fang


I know a little about the storyline and the bad guys and the good guys and I can’t stand Hitomi for some reason Laughing out loud).   When you play with Lei Fang, she fights Hitomi for a cabbage (haha), when I beat her I said,

“THIS IS MY CABBAGE!” XD I’m so silly.    But, the game is fun and I highly recommend it for those of you with a Xbox 360 Smile or PS3 I think it’s on there too, but idk.    I like Team Ninja though, they’re cool.   And I just have a major thing for ninjas anyway.   By buying this game, I plan on getting Ninja Gaiden one of these days.   +1 added to wish list!  Well thanks if you read this post! Smile with tongue out 

Peace and Ninjas, PeaceNinja

Gracie ❤

Ryu’s ending:

Ryu is beast lol

Ayane’s ending

Ayane’s ending


Lei’s ending

Man Lei Fang, that dude didn’t mean to lol

I would post Kasumis ending, but damn it was stupid (hey, just saying, it was! lol).

Song of today! Open-mouthed smile

I just freakin’ love this song!! I saw the MV on MTV and instantly loved it ❤


My Sad Sorrow!

This is titled, “My Sad Sorrow” because it’s Sunday and 2:01 a.m. and I have school in the morning.  IN WHICH, I might actually go off on a few people for the first in  a few years of my time in school.

First off, Last Friday, I was tardy to damn class and I received my 3rd tardy and now I have freakin’ after school detention from 3:15 to 4:00 (MY GOD).  I also forgot to sign the stupid sign-in sheet, so now I have it Tuesday as well! Oh, but my bad luck didn’t end there.  Stupid people brought up the past about my “incident” in February and made fun of me about it, so my wonderful Friday after staying out Thursday from being oh-so-sick was filled with people pissing me the hell off!! I wanted to punch that office lady, punch those kids, AND punch the clouds! (Don’t ask Smile ).   I’m really on my last tolerance nerve for these jagoffs in CHHS here in Troy.   I wanna tell them some stuff I’ve been holding back for a while now; like for instance, if I could like do something and not get punished for it, I WOULD! MAN I WOULDN’T EVEN HESITATE. Ugh! Curse my kind-heart! But I’m not worried anymore, next time those idiots wanna ask me for help, I’m gonna say hell nah! Go ask someone else or better yet, the teacher, Uh she might know a little more than me don’cha think?! –Sigh- why must people always talk junk? Haters for me being so good? Haters for me minding my own damn business? Or maybe they think I’m some pushover.


Miku  I’m actually quite Yandere*, but a little more Tsundere* though <—Otaku moment ^_^ Thank God for blogs and writing, if not for that, I would probably be all corrupted and effed up.   I have a really bad temper and I cuss entirely by accident (hehe maybe on purpose) when I’m angry.    These people around here better be glad I can hold my composure, but sometimes you just want to hit someone to take your frustrations out on, ya know? –Sigh-, One text actually made me happy though, from my friend [who shall be unnamed, because I know some folks at school can read this sh!t Winking smile).  He called meh pretty! Open-mouthed smile [preppy girl squeal]  I’ve recently gotten back into the, “stay-up-late-because-I-hate-school-and- all-the-inhabitants-in-it-who-have-an-iq-of-0-and-plus-I’m-not-tired!” Phase.  -emo sigh- People have no respect nowadays.   Shame, Shame.   Well enough of my rant! I’ll be seeing ya’ll laters! 

Peace and Ninjas, PeaceNinja


Gracie! Smile


*Yandere- A person who is nice and kind, but is really unstable, crazy, and would even kill their loved ones…out of well…LOVE. –smh-

*Tsundere- A person who seems to be hostile and cold-hearted, but is really nice and warm hearted. –sigh, that’s me, only in reverse- ^_^ These terms are used by a lot of Otakus! Smile Google it why don’cha!?


This is the song featured on the IE9 commercial ❤