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Just Saying……..I notice I put SOMETHING into my blog posts (: So. I shall make this an tradition >:D, Since It’s Halloween, I‘ll put some Halloween vids up!! Open-mouthed smile GhostVampire bat 

This person who made this is talented:

I don’t like rock music (or Marilyn Manson for that matter), but its well done (:


Bye Bye for now Smile with tongue out

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Just Something

你好!(Hello in Chinese Smile).  I wanted to say, I HATE WHEN BOYS CALL GIRLS UGLY WHEN THEY ARE UGLY THEMSELVES!!! I freaking swear.  Oops, sorry I rant a lot Smile Ninja.

Song of today:

Y’know, I like your booty, But Im not gay 😉

XD yes, It’s very RANDOM and silly and the pelvic thrusts are yeah

O_O XD I will post something after this too :3


Well,  谢谢!!!! (Thank You)Open-mouthed smile

Streets of the Hero

(Narrative Poem)

The hero takes a lonely stride to his home

Head held high, he looks towards the sky.

His thoughts racing with vivid pictures of the

battle he won.

The scarred faces of his enemy.

The rush he felt.

How he used to feel…alone.

Now he goes by the name of

“Hero.” walking alone in the streets.

Ready for anything that just happens to come his way.

His name will never be forgotten, for he is the,



Song inspired me to write this:

I love Gumi now! 😀 Better than Miku in my opinion, or at least she’s up there:P

Hi! (:

Hello, I just wanted to post a little something Smile!  Well I have school in the morning (Sad smile D:<) Ugh! But anyways, GOD BLESS, and have a good day ppl!!!


Listening to:

Don’t like hard techno?? Then this isn’t for you 😉

Don’t let anyone get you down……!

Hey you! You? Yes you (or whoever is reading this… ._.)!! Smile I’m Gracie, and I would like you to know that I think you are beautiful! And don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise! Although, my opinion is nothing in your eyes (maybe…), Maybe I don’t know you, Maybe I’m annoying you right now….I don’t care! I wanted to let the girls (and boys),who feel down about themselves because others are talking about them constantly, ignore it! I understand words CAN and WILL hurt! Crying face But, please don’t stoop to the ultimate low, SUICIDE….You can seriously hurt yourself (well of course you can..) and others….Like for instance, what if you were really good at football? And the moment you pulled the trigger, or second you slit your throat, the NFL wanted to sign you to a team??? Or what if you got accepted to Harvard? And the thought of your poor mother and father (and other siblings..), crying their hearts out for you? So…I’m saying, if suicide is the answer….Walk away from it….Go do something! Hell watch some Vocaloid videos for that matter, just don’t take your life away for some dumbass stupid choice of words!


Here’s a site to help you out, I believe Smile



Now….I hope my words have helped someone!!! ❤

Silver Hunter (free write)

The moon casts a silver shadow over the calm ocean

Making the water sparkle like a million fallen diamonds from the sky

The Silver Hunters come out at a given time to play

They wave their arms around and a light flies all around the forest

Thus, turning the forest into a silver array of beauty

Cool winter’s breeze flows in and tickles the leaves

and rustles them about in a joyful manner.

Oh no! Sunlight peeks at the Silver Hunters, telling them

their time is up; time for them to play elsewhere.

With happiness, The Silver Hunters run and disappear

with the luminescent moon, leaving

behind nothing, like they were never here to begin with.

Don’t fear, for they will return….at any given time


Song(s) that inspired me to write this:

I HAD to show this again 🙂
I really fell in love with song, deserves more views! 🙂

(Many other songs have inspired me to write, these contributed the most! Open-mouthed smile

Felt like posting

I wanted to post something Smile I might as well post a few poems after this….So this is an reminder that I would like to post a few poems on this….

Kthnxbai [lol] Winking smile


Listening to: Datenshi by DetzkyUK (:

Check out this song below! Smile

Whoa, I didn’t think it wont show up like this! <3,